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Calling all young men… Now here’s a topic we can’t ignore: GIRLS!

My new book is “The Girl Factor: A Survival Guide for the Frustrated Christian Guy”.

Join the young, single and desperately-seeking version of me as I grab hold of some amazing secret wisdom that God shared when I needed it most.

This book was written and then refined, nearly 20 years between and either side of getting married. It is from the heart, and about the heart.

It’s a (hopefully) entertaining, (hopefully) encouraging, no-holds-barred and Godly serious guide to everything we unmarried Christian dudes find ourselves battling when it comes to women, sex and relationships. Which – to be fair – is a huge part of any guy in a nutshell!

I’ll give you a brief overview of the chapters…

  • “Heavenly Bodies” – Some musings as to why we struggle to keep our eyes off this amazing female creature that God created, and what He must have had in mind when He did so.
  • “Secret Agenda” – Those shameful, naughty things we get up to in our spare time – breaking the myths that make it all too tempting to google “yoga bunnies” or slip your hands under your girlfriend’s top!
  • “Close Encounters” – Perhaps as “other worldly” as the title, those intimacies and relationships through the stages of a man’s life and thinking about what purpose they serve.
  • “Head over Heels” – We’ve all been madly in love, let’s be honest! But was it the real deal? And who has the best definition of true love?
  • “Dinner Date” – Consider the pros and cons of the classic “everyone’s doing it” flavour of Western dating. Could there be other good ways to meet someone nice?   [TRY A SAMPLE!]
  • “The End of the World” – …and, as often as we’ve been madly in love, we’ve had our hearts broken. This chapter is about finding God’s perspective and earth-shattering hope when indeed our earth shatters…   [TRY A SAMPLE!]
  • “Miss Perfect” – Is happiness a bombshell with perfect skin?! How to identify a partner that will delight, not just for the here-and-now but for happily-ever-after.   [TRY A SAMPLE!]
  • “Finders Keepers” – Taking a Treasure Island theme, this meaty chapter gives practical advice for fine-tuning your approach as you wait patiently for the right woman… and it uncovers the ultimate prize!

So, there you have it. As I said, anything and everything to do with girls!

Check it out! Tell your friends 🙂