“THE ME I’M KEEPING”     25 July 2018

So, here’s a tough question…

If the one person you really liked wants little to do with you – and there’s no changing her mind – how do you find yourself again? How do you recover the sense that you’re a great guy with plenty of prospects?

This is majorly tough! It’s a painful place to be in. Bottom line: you’ve given a particular person the license to define your worth by placing worth on the prize of her relationship.

I wouldn’t want to dare hazard some simple “pat” solutions, because I’ve known this place all too well. I wouldn’t want to belittle your situation or question your motives.

But here are 3 things you can be sure of:

  1. You’ve made more of this girl in your mind than exists in reality. Be that uniquely irresistible looks, heart-rending connections, sunshine on your cloudy days… you are seeing only what you’ve chosen to and/or what she’s prepared to show you.
  2. You are as much a phenomenon for her to behold as she is for you. Whatever her motives for thinking she is better off elsewhere, your very presence has given her things to think about. You are still the guy you were when she first appeared, and what she knows about you is simply not enough to make a true judgement of your person. Surely, she has said goodbye to things she’ll miss.
  3. She’s not the one calling the shots. God is the One who has final say on who gets who. You can let her go free without fear or hesitation… she’s either going to swim away or swim back to you. Given the sheer number of people on this planet you haven’t even met, both could be great outcomes!

Go easy on yourself.


“WORK IN PROGRESS”      25 June 2018

This is what I’m thinking today…

I don’t want my life to say I’m a work of art, but a work in progress. Every day, the God I put my trust in brings me a step closer to being the guy He’s busy crafting!